The Finance Story

Community foundations play a crucial role in how people give back where communities need it most. We connect people, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact.  And we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count.


In 2019 we donated $25,736 to 5 different organizations ($4,000 more than in 2018!). Those were:

  • $3,486 to Prince Rupert Special Events
  • $5,000 to Prince Rupert Hospice Society
  • $950 to Dodge Cove Recreation Society
  • $3,800 to School District 52
  • $12,500 to Prince Rupert Ground Search & Rescue

In 2019 we collected $26,159 from various philanthropic activities, the majority coming from interest from our endowment fund. Check back soon for details on an exciting 2020 fundraiser announcemtn!

Did you know that no Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation directors are paid? This means 100% of our returns go back into the Community. We do our best to find sources to donate to every year. Reach out to us if you think you have a community project we could contribute to!

Donated in 2018

Result of Philanthropic efforts in 2018

Our endowment fund



There are several different ways to get ahold of us. Likely you know one of the Directors, just reach out to them! If you don't know any of the Directors, post on our Facebook page, or use our email submission form.


Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation
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We don't currently have a newsletter, however check out our blog posts above! We will also post links to our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) when we make a new blog post, so it should be easy to follow how we are serving the Community!