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Community foundations play a crucial role in how people give back where communities need it most. We connect people, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact.  And we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count.

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Our 2020 Grant Recipients

Tuesday night the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation presented grants totaling $41,047.00 to 7 different registered non-profit groups for important community projects.

  1. Prince Rupert Special Events $12,502.00 for improved Christmas lights at the Court House.
  2. Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association $4854.00 for hearing devices to help hearing challenged young athletes.
  3. Prince Rupert Public Library $15,000.00 to create a young children’s library section. 
  4. Prince Rupert Preforming Arts Center $1567.00 for enhanced sound system equipment.
  5. Prince Rupert Rainmakers Interact Club $2000.00 to fund additional Sea Bins to clean harbour water of various pollutants.
  6. North Coast Immigrant & Multicultural Society $750.00 for a new computer.
  7. School District 52 $4,374.00 hearing devices to help hearing impaired students.

Since 2001, various people and businesses, have donated to the enduring legacy fund making it $607,000.00.  This nest egg of money can never be spent.  The 80 % of the annual fund growth, since 2001, funded $217,147.52 to qualified groups in the North Coast Regional District.

PRRCF would like to challenge everyone in the community who has made Prince Rupert their home and are grateful for the good life they have enjoyed here, to consider donating or to leave a leaving a legacy gift which will last and give back forever.

Many communities Foundations throughout Canada raise the funds in small donations and /or legacy gifts. 

A donation can be made in their name to the Foundation at a celebration of life, or leave a portion of their estate, or an annual donation for a yearly tax-deductible receipt, or a gift of property or valuables to be turned into cash for the fund, there are so many avenues to give back.

Prince Rupert has been good to many.  Foundation volunteer directors, many for 20 years, have a goal, and we are asking you to please join us in reaching the ONE MILLION DOLLAR goal in the enduring legacy fund.

Contact: PRRCF PO Box 66 Prince Rupert B.C. V8J 3P4

Phone: 778 884 6907            website: prfoundation.ca