Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation Grant

The PRRCF annually convenes meetings that provide a grant-making committee to consider community priorities and action around emerging and existing community needs and how best to meet them. The grant-making fields of consideration are the relief of poverty, educational needs, social welfare, and health issues, programs for aged, programs for the disabled, preservation and protection of environment, advancement of the arts, prevention of delinquency and prevention of substance abuse. The PRRCF will only consider grant applications to fund the acquisition or repair of fixed or tangible assets and cannot consider requests to fund ongoing programs or general operating expenses.

Also, please note that there will be a small hold-back on successful grant applicants until the projects have been completed and all criteria upon grant acceptance have been met. Finally, we will not grant to projects that have already started or are otherwise already underway.

The 2020 Community Foundation grants have been postponed to the 2021 granting cycle, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to continuing to support our community next year as we navigate these unique challenges. Thank you to all of the community groups for your valuable service; it’s what makes the Prince Rupert region the best in BC!



There are several different ways to get ahold of us. Likely you know one of the Directors, just reach out to them! If you don't know any of the Directors, post on our Facebook page, or use our email submission form.


Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation
PO Box 66
Prince Rupert, BC, CANADA
V8J 3P4


We don't currently have a newsletter, however check out our blog posts above! We will also post links to our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) when we make a new blog post, so it should be easy to follow how we are serving the Community!