Working to make a difference in our community

The PRRCF Board of Directors are committed volunteers who represent a cross section of the city of Prince Rupert. We are a registered society in BC and a charitable non-profit organization with Revenue Canada. Encouraging all prospectful donors to donate to PRRCF, as donors are people like you who care about our community. Together…we can make the difference!


Barb Gruber, Larry Hope, Linda Lutz (Co-Chair), Richard Lutz, Michael Gurney, Polly Pereira (Co-Chair), Richard Wright, Tim Dressel, Christine Storey (Treasurer)


Why donate to your community foundation?

Your community foundation plays a crucial role in helping people give back to their community in meaningful ways.
We connect individuals, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and
expertise, working with others for even greater impact. And we help you realize your philanthropic goals by matching
their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count for the long term.

You’re supporting your favorite causes in lots of ways. Volunteering, serving on boards, donating food and clothing,
celebrating at events and purchasing products that support a cause are just a few of the ways you are making a
difference in the lives of others. At the center of your philanthropy is charitable giving. By working with us and setting
up your own fund or supporting an existing fund, you can organize and maximize your financial support of charitable

Have you found yourself thinking it’s time to get a little more focused with your giving? Do you want to involve your kids,
or grandkids in your giving? Perhaps philanthropy is already an important part of your family’s traditions and values but
you want to look for high-impact opportunities. Not only do you want to deepen those intergenerational connections,
but you also are committed to leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren, and community. You can do all of this
through planning and tools to continue support of the causes you love. That’s exactly what we will help you do.

As a local business leader you know the importance of creating opportunities and working with your employees to
create impact. That is why many companies choose to partner with us to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of
their charitable giving; we are up to date on current best practices to help your business direct donations and achieve

We manage all financial, reporting and due diligence aspects with the charity on your behalf. You have the benefit of
seeing your donation at work and achieving corporate recognition for your company’s philanthropy.
By establishing a corporate fund, you can work with us to organize, streamline requests and celebrate your company’s
financial support of organizations that inspire you.


Anyone can be a philanthropist.

You don’t need wealth and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Giving to the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation is simple: we provide the flexibility and knowledge to help you make the difference you want to make.

Gifts of cash: A very straightforward way of making a gift to the [Name] Community Foundation is by way of cash or
cheque. This is an attractive form of gift for anyone who has cash readily available and wants to make an immediate
donation. The Foundation is able to invest the donation to generate funds to support charity — you enjoy immediate tax

Gifts of Appreciated Securities: Gifting appreciated securities enables you to give the most to the [Name] Community
Foundation for the least cost. The 2006 Federal Budget reduced the capital gains inclusion rate for these donations to
zero. In effect, taxpayers can now donate qualifying securities with appreciated gains to a charity and not have to pay
any tax on the capital gain that would otherwise be realized.

Gifts of Insurance Policies: A gift of life insurance, by either making the Foundation the owner and beneficiary of an
existing policy or purchasing a new policy and making annual premium payments, has many benefits. It allows you
to make a significant gift at a fraction of the value from their disposable income. The annual payments are generally
modest and eligible for tax credit, giving annual income tax relief.

Charitable Bequest: A bequest in a will may specify a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of an estate,
to be donated to the Community Foundation. You may specify that a bequest be used to establish a new fund in their
name, be added to an existing fund or be added to a fund that the family has established during your lifetime.


Please touch base with us!

Please use the contact form below so we can assist in identifying ways for you to donate to the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours.




There are several different ways to get ahold of us. Likely you know one of the Directors, just reach out to them! If you don't know any of the Directors, post on our Facebook page, or use our email submission form.


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